Monday, December 15, 2008

How I Met Your Mother

Currently,one of my favourite tv shows.

Can i just say this? I love this frigging show.How i met your mother is awesome.Its so funny.Dad bought the DVD bought set.He bought the complete first,second and third season.Normally,my dad would watch it with us sometimes.He bought this for us(my brothers and I) actually.Dad loves to watch old TV show during his time,like murder she wrote,quantum leap,dick van dyke show,the Walton's and Columbo.There's many more.I actually love to watch this old TV shows with my mom and dad.My dad has a like a huge collection of DVDs box set from the old TV show to the new series.Dad usually bought this stuff on the Internet because most of it does not sell in Malaysia.I wish i could buy stuff online.ha ha,

Ah,Barney.Classic Barney. :D

How i met your mother is awesome.its just awesome.awesome.awesome.HAHA,my favourite character is of course Barney played by Neil Patrick Harris.I love Barney because he is so dramatic sometimes and kind of jerk.The TV show is about Ted believes he finds the woman of his dreams in Robin though destiny might have something different in mind.Its have a little twist here and there.Its very interesting show.Love it.I changed my mind.I think I love all of the character. :D

My favourite lines from How I Met Your Mother:

Barney: Ted, tonight we're gonna go out. We're gonna meet some ladies, it's gonna be *legendary*. Phone-five!
[slaps cell-phone]
Barney: You didn't phone-five, did you?
Barney: I know when you don't phone-five Ted.

Barney: It's gonna be legen... wait for it... dary!

Barney: Ted, your problem is all you do is think, think, think. I'm teaching you how to do, do, do.
Marshall: Doo-doo!
Barney: [chuckles] Totally.



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