Sunday, December 7, 2008


Greetings again,

Today,nothing exciting happened.Just the same old thing.Woke up and ate breakfast.Can you believe it tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji? Time flies so fast.I just remembered it was just yesterday I was celebrating Hari raya haji in Penang because my parents went to haji last year.People always say 'Use time wisely'.Its very wise phrase.Ha ha,time.You can't just fast forward like in the movies.If things you do were a mistake,you can't fast forward nor rewind it.Instead,you have to learn of it.I have learn many things looking back my mistakes.It made me,(I hope) a better person.he he,I'm really trying to be a better person but sometimes I just can't satisfied all people.I written about the 'I cannot satisfied all people' a lot.ha ha,sorry about that.Its just sometimes people don't get it.That's why I've been writing about it a lot.

Still many books i haven't finish reading.grrr.

Finally,I've found it!.

Okay,now lets talk what I've been doing today.I went to Jaya Jusco with my parents and my brother.Mom wanted to buy some lemang.I was so eager to go to MPH.I was browsing then i found a book that i have been searching for a quite long time.Its called Nick & Norah infinite playlist.I freaked out a little bit because surprised to see the book in Mph.ha ha,so I immediately grab it and show it to my dad.Dad bought the book.Yay!.My eldest brother who was at home sent a message saying that he wanted some donuts.I went to Big apple with my brother and bought the donuts.I can't resist so i bought an ice latte.ha ha,people who keep tracking with my blog knows that i love ice latte,coffee or anything that has do with it.ha ha.I also bought a handbag.M other handbag was i don't know.ha ha.After that,I went home and ate.

Dad wanted to watch transformer blu-ray disc.Oh my god,blu-ray kick ass.Continue,I watch it with him and was really focusing on the movie.I cried a little bit when jazz died.Although I watch it a million times,I still love to watch it again and again.he he,so yeah that basically what I've done today.

Amazing movie!

Oh oh,one more thing.Last night,I watched a Taiwanese romance film called Secret.Jay Chou was in it.He also directed the movie.Really great movie you guys.You guys should watch it!.The movie might be confusing to some people (actually me) but its okay just watch it.If you dont understand,you can search it on google and wikipedia about the movie.Jay Chou is very talented pianist.I was breathless watching him playing the piano.His hands was moving so fast.I think my jaw dropped.ha ha.



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