Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight Again


Today,I woke up around 11:00 am.Ha ha,pretty late because we're(My cousins,my brother and I) going out.Apparently I'm the last one who was ready.Hey,come on.Girls tend to be late what.Ha ha,I have to put on the contact lenses,plus i have to check my handbag and all.Not to mention CLOTHES!.ha ha,okay okay.I'll stop now.

Guess where i went today? I went to Berjaya Times Square to watch Twilight Movie AGAIN!.Let me tell you seeing it the second time was awesome.I don't know there's just a part of me feeling satisfied when I watch it again.Aah,then I remember why I love the movie so much.Its just awesome.Words can't explain it.I absolutely love Charlie in this movie.He was so funny.Ha ha,with his pepper spray thingy and he's sarcasm.Rob was so gorgeous.aah,I was drooling in the cinema seeing how perfect his face features was.My two cousins and my brother watch another movie called Bolt.They didn't wanna watch twilight again.haih,boys.whatever boys its your loss.cehh.They're movie start at 1:30 pm while Twilight start at 2.00pm.So they went in first.My cousin(Syira) and I just browsing along the stores.Eventually,our feet hurts due to our ice skating incident.haha,so we stopped at Starbucks to buy some frappucino.yum yum.I thought that we can bring the frappucino in the cinema.So i bought chocolate cream chip and put it in my handbag.Ha ha,so i acted cool in front the guy who's collecting the tickets and I got away with it. :D

During in the cinema,the audience was much cooler and calmer than the last time when i first watch twilight which was the first day it was out.There was this Chinese girl talking really loudly or explain I'm not that sure.the guy who sits four rows beside her shush her.hahaha,i laughed.I also laugh the part when Jasper face looks like he's constipated.hahah.The baseball scene was so cool.The song OMG! I was kinda feeling tapping my feet.ha ha.After the movie finish,we ate at Marry brown since McDonald's was so full.We sat at the swing table.It was so much fun.There was this little kids playing around and shouting 'Allahuakhbar' there were so cute saying that.Good for them to know Allahuakbar. ;) After that,we went shopping.My brother and my cousins bought a few t-shirts and a watch.I bought a vampire teeth(you heard me) vampire teeth and a scarf.The scarf was very affordable and suitable in all occasion that's why i bought it.We took some pictures with the Santa clause decoration at Times Square.Oh,I took some pictures with twilight poster.So much fun doing this.I was kinda shy because people were staring but what the hell.Then,it was getting late.So we took the monorail and did some walking then took the LRT in Damai.They were so much people.The first lrt was full.the second was full also.the third time was also full.the fourth time was also full.then,the fifth was not that crowded so we got inside.I was standing near to the door then it stopped at KLCC.there was this guy who was wearing a green t-shirt and listening to his ipod got in.I was dazzled.He stood in front of me.I was like oh my god oh my god.Then the next pit stop .More people got in so we were kinda close.My heart was beating really fast.His hand touched mine and he didn't even move it.It was not that we were holding hands.It was more like our hands were very close that somehow it touch.Then I looked at the window he was staring the opposite so he was staring at me now.I acted cool.cehh.I was shy to look at him so i didn't.Suddenly,I wanted to see where I was.I looked at him.He was smiling at me so i smile back. :) Many seat were not seated so he went there.I didn't because wangsa maju was already near so i thought nah.After i got out,I was smiling to myself. :) thanks to the guy who was wearing a green t-shirt for making me smile when i was feeling down because my feet hurts. ;)

So there you go,that's the story of my life for today.Hope you enjoy it.



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