Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rob on Ellen

Thank you to Adlin.Kalau tidak lupa nk post.This is 101th post. :D

I want those boxer.

The famous sex hair.hahaha

Yesterday,I set up my astro max to record the Ellen show.Actually i set up every day.HA HA,I record Ellen show everyday since last year because it cracks me up.watching Ellen really brightens up my day and plus i can dance.So i woke up and open up my max and there it is the Ellen show.My brother was there also.He was using he's laptop.So I saw the left thingy in the Ellen show where it says NEXT,Robert Pattinson stars in Twilight.I practically scream just a little bit and my brother was giving me the face.Ha ha,there it was Rob.He was a little shy.Aww,he's so cute when he blushed.I squeal every time he laughed and AGAIN my brother giving me the face.Then,he said 'Ish ish,seriously addicted.Rob x keluar lg dh lompat2' ha ha,It kinda amazed me that everyone knew that i have serious dad and my mom even.When,I bought the mag.Dad said 'Hmm,let me guess? twilight mesti ada dlm majalah ni.' yep,my dad was right.HA HA,

Seeing him laugh makes me happy. :)

After this,I'm gonna make the ice blended.The famous ice blended cappuccino chocolate caramel.(ha ha, ;p).I'm really gonna try to take some pictures this time.



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