Sunday, December 28, 2008


I just got back from Kuala Terengganu-a little bit tired but its okay,I sleep most of time in the car.Kuala Terengganu was fun plus the hotel was also great.I wanted to check out the swimming pool but didn't have much time.I went breakfast at the hotel.The food was AMAZING.After that,I went sight-seeing with my family.Mom bought a lot of 'keropok lekor'.The keropok lekor at Kuala Terengganu was delicious.duhh,hehe.Dad said something about that we're was related to the king Losong.Dad's nephew made a family tree and research and found out that we're related to Losong.WOW.Losong was all over Kuala Terengganu.The Street was mainly name after Losong.WOW.haha,I bought a T-shirt and Batik pants.There really comfortable and I'm wearing it right now.I seriously think that I can't sleep tonight.Well,I can always watch How I met your mother and whose line is it anyway?. :D

I've been dreaming about Rob lately.Haih,



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