Monday, December 22, 2008

Dayy Ohh


Last night,my brother and I watched Pan's Labyrinth.I already watched it but what the hell?.There's this one part scare the shit out of me.Ha ha,where this weirdly looking creature.I don't know if the creature is a she or he.I think its a he.Its eyes are on his hands which is weird and weird.ha ha,but unfortunately we didn't finish watching the story because my brother wanted to watch harry potter the goblet of fire(I'm jumping right now).Yesterday,he watched the prisoner of the azkaban so he wanted to continue.Oh my god,the part where Cedric dies always gets me.I don't why.Maybe its because he died just like that.Just one spell 'Aveda Kedavra' then boom! he 's gone.My brother teased me saying 'Oh my god,Edward mati'. Ughh,annoying. ;p then he said this

Bro:Ohh,baca news td kt comp.New moon nanti Edward matiiii.HA HA,
Me:ehhh,mana ada.Edward immortal ok? and and dia hampir bunuh diri tp x mati pun.
Bro:oh ye ke? x pe x pe next time i kill him.
Me:Good luck.
Bro: x percaya?
Me:good luck
Bro:x pe xpe


I always tell my brother that new moon its going to be awesome especially the volturi ,Italy and Alice Porsche.I can't wait.Finally,I took a picture of my homemade ice blended ,Cappuccino Chocolate Caramel Blended. :)



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