Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ice Skating


Grr,can't see my face.Oh,that's Syira,the one smiling. ;)

I woke up as usual 10.00 am.usually when I'm going out. :D

The sound of let me sign by Robert Pattinson woke me up.Mom called and told me that i have to get ready before 11 am.That means that i have to wake up all my cousin which is very difficult but thankfully they woke up just fine.Ha ha,so i was very very excited because we're going to sunway pyramid .When,.we got there,we quickly headed to the ice skating arena.Mom bought all the tickets.I won't say its a ticket more like a wrist thingy that shows that you paid.ha ha,I've been to the ice skating rink a bunch of time but usually i suck.i suck really bad.ha ha,when i was going to the shoe section to collect the ice skates.there's this Chinese dude(arghh) was so rude.I don't what the hell is his problem.I felt like I want to smack him.I was putting my feet in the thingy(size for the ice skate) yeah,he didn't say anything so my feet was still there and he said 'ok dh! you can move!' and he gave the annoying look.I was like 'Okay,i didn't know.you don't have to do that.' urgh,sometimes i don't understand this people.they work and they don't respect the customer.I just don't like people like that.Its basically a turn off for me.The minute i saw his expression,I immediately hate him.I don't know,its just the way i am.Thankfully,I'm over it now.THANK GOD!,I just have to let it out.I hope this CHINESE GUY who thinks he's so hot better get over yourself and start to respect other people if he reads it.There's probably one in a million chance that he would read it but who knows.ha ha,

My brother and two of my cousin(boys) didn't want to go to the ice skating.(coward) ha ha,they were browsing and just window shopping i guess.Mom was there,she was guarding all of our handbags and all.Poor mom because she didn't have any one to talk to so when i finish ice skating i would stop and talk with her for a while then continue back on.I love my mummy. :) Next time,I would invite my mum sisters to come with us. :)

When i first step in the rink,oh god you have no idea how slippery the ice was.I was like screaming all the time.I feel sorry for the little kids who had to hear words like shit and fuck.I change to fick.hahahaha,I saw this two girls when i was wearing the ice skates and i said to my cousin that 'I suck really bad in this! really really bad' and she was smiling at me sort of laughing so i smiled back at her.I saw her again in the ice rink so we smile again.The first round i was at the side of the rink.ha ha,where the people who suck would stay there.people who were very good at this skate usually in the middle.I was holding really rally tight because it was fucking slippery.

Ah,here's the cute story. :)
When i was ice skating with my younger cousin,fauzan(11 years old).We were holding hands and i was helping him skate.Suddenly,he felt down.i helped him out then i felt down.ha ha,it was so funny.when i was about to get up,there's this two boys(maybe the same age with me or older) offered their hands to help us up.There's this boy who was shorter that me was helping up my cousin while the other was a little taller than me help me up. :) he was kinda attractive.So he offered his hand and help me up.He was kinda holding me in the arm and my heart was like beating really fast and I think i blush.whahaha,so i said to him 'thank you' and he say 'no problem' :D

After that,i was getting really good with the ice skating.I didn't have to stay beside the rink, holding tight and moving really slowly.ha ha,i was in the section where good people can skate.I was really proud.ha ha,i know i know.again,really proud.Next,i was skating all around and having a good time with my cousin then i called my brother to watch us skate from above because i was getting good. :D so he came with two of my cousin and i was skating beautifully suddenly i felt down.in the butt.ha ha,so my pants were kinda wet.They laugh their ass off.ugghh,boys.haha,

Then,the Zamboni machine came to clean the ice rink.I was getting really really hungry and we stop. :( but its okay. next time then.Since,mom was waiting for us so i was thinking that we should stop anyway.So we reunited with my brother and my two of cousin and we ate at Pizza Hut.I was so thirsty when the Pepsi came i was slurping it like crazy.Ha ha,then mummy took some picture. :D After we ate,we use the lift to go to the car park.Oh,before that I saw this beautiful christmas tree and there's was bench.I thought 'hey,lets take a picture.haha,so my cousin(syira) and I smile at the camera.Ahh,another funny story.In the lift,it has a picture of a girl i think ah aha,i don't know.so my cousin was like,jom jom,tangkap gambar cpt before pintu terbukak'. take note that our floor is on B1.ha ha,okay so mom was taking the picture then the lift was open.There's this huge dude was like staring at us and we were like smiling like little angels.ha ha,so we was kinda embarrass so we close it then i realised that was our floor.It was a very funny moment again.so we were on b2 so i pushed B1 then ding* the elavator opens and that dude is still there.HAHAHAHAHA,so yeah.I had a really great time today. :D

At Pizza Hut

The elevator scene.HAHA

I was so not ready for the camera.HAHAH


Sakit belakang and tangan la after main.HAHAHAHA,



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