Saturday, December 20, 2008


Greetings again,

Rob :)

Whoa,what a great sleep i got last night.I was sleeping like a baby.Ha ha,Mom wanted to go to Carrefour because she wants to buy a batik baju kurung so i followed her.Mom bought some food to take away at the food court while I was browsing a mag at NZ store.Omg,i want all the mag there.Eventually,I choose 3 mag to buy which is teen vogue (featured Kristen on the cover),Life & style weekly (featured ROB and Kristen on the cover) and oh I forgot the name of the other mag.

I followed my mom to this shop that sells batik baju kurung. Mom was in the fitting room so i got some honey-kaya waffle.Damn,delicious!.After eating it,I got little thirsty but lazy enough to buy a drink so went home.Mom got the baju kurung she wanted.It was very very pretty.I was so happy on the way home because I got the mag i wanted.I have a list where I put what mag should i buy.pretty much all of them had been bought but a few hadn't been bought YET.ha ha,so I'm really searching and keeping my eye wide open.

During nighttime,I finally made the ice blended with my brother.It was so much fun.We made a really delicious drink.We called cappuccino chocolate caramel blended.yummy right? yes,indeed.We're gonna make another drink tomorrow maybe i am gonna take some pictures this time. :)



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